Why Choose Us?

AdMeridian is a CPC, CPM, CPV, CPUV network having programmatic and automated system. A fully managed service, delivering millions of clicks/impresssions per day. We provides media solutions through open bidding and preferred buying with advanced monetizing tools for online advertisers and publishers. Technically AdMeridian is an one unified system having two sides - selling and buying


We have a self-service platform in which you can choose where, when and in what kind of website you want to advertise. We offer competitive prices and excellent customer service for any campaign. Read more


Maximise the value of your content, We will monetise your entire inventory across all platforms. Our system uses advanced technologies to optimize to achieve the highest revenue per impression. Read more

Goal definition

Successful partnerships can’t be built without trust, and trust needs to be earned.


We will analyse the inventory and optimise it. Higher ecpm --> Higher Profit


Reliable reporting and ad serving. We use a number of tools and metrics to ensure full transparency of reporting.